How to Choose an Effective Facebook Ad Image

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One of the most important steps of creating a Facebook ad is the choosing the image. Images can actually make or break a business’s Facebook ad. When building a Facebook ad campaign, keep these effective Facebook ad image tips in mind.

#1 Use Real People

People like to click on an image of a person. A friendly face seems inviting and is known to work very well on Facebook. This is even more true when the image is of a person that your audience is familiar with.

For example, a picture of the spokesperson for your company.

aaron-james-client-acquisition-academy#2 Use a “Play Video” Button

People like to click on play video buttons. Whenever a person sees an image with a video play button it, they tend to click it. For example, Social Media Today states “Facebook now serves a staggering 8 billion video views per day“. For ads that are going to either going to play video or redirect to YouTube, this is pure gold.

#3 Don’t Overwhelm Your Audience with Questions

You never want to ask a lot of questions. It is better to be direct. Keep it simple and only ask one question in the image or ad copy. If you ask too many questions, viewers are just going to scroll past your ad.

#4 Don’t Overthink

Don’t overthink your ads and try to be too clever. Be funny, be witty, but never make a joke unless you are positive that everyone is going to understand it. Also, don’t use too much text in your ad copy. It’s known that posts/ads kept at a short length tend to receive a higher like rate, click rate, and comment rate—in other words, more engagement. 

#5 Keep Image Dimensions in Mind

The best image for your Facebook ad depends on the type of ad you’re designing. So keep that in mind when you are picking your image. For example, the recommended dimensions for single image ad are 1200×628. So you’ll need a rectangular, horizontal image. However, the recommended dimensions for carousel ad images are 1080×1080. Your image will need to be a square. Do keep in mind If your image is larger or smaller than the dimensions specified in the Facebook Ads Guide, it’ll be automatically resized to fit in the ad. So if your image is smaller than the recommended dimensions, it will be all stretched out. And if your image is larger, some parts of it will be cut off.

#6 Avoid Using All Caps

Ads that use all caps do not appeal to viewers. It will feel like you are either unprofessional or yelling at them. Instead, have your image do the screaming for you and keep the ad copy simple.

#7 Take a Look at Ads Done by Experts

You need to always be on top of your Facebook ads. Look at ads done by professional social media experts like Melanie Duncan or Amy Porterfield. Then take a look at your ad. Does your ad measure up? Make your own ad resemble one of their professional ads.



Facebook ads offer an affordable way to advertise – in fact, it’s such a powerful tool you need to make sure you take full advantage of it.


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