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How To Build Your Perfect Audience In the Facebook Ads Manager

When creating your ad in the Facebook Ad Manager, there is a section called ‘detailed targeting’. This is where you get to choose exactly who you want to share your ads with and this will allow you to choose from a rather massive list of factors. These include:


  • Education
  • Ethnic Affinity
  • Financial
  • Generation
  • Home
  • Life events
  • Parents
  • Politics
  • Relationships
  • Work

2. Interests

There is a huge list here…

3. Behaviors

  • Automotive
  • Behaviors
  • Behaviors targeting
  • Charitable donations
  • Consumer classification
  • Digital activities
  • Expats
  • Financial
  • Mobile device user
  • Network connection
  • Purchase behavior
  • Residential profiles
  • Seasonal and events
  • Travel

4. More Categories

  • Facebook Categories
  • Affinity for high value goods – India
  • Fast food
  • Nail care

Some of these points are self-explanatory and it’s clearly obvious why they would be relevant to your advertising efforts. Other items on this list might be a little more opaque and confusing – or you might have to think a little harder to understand how they’re relevant.

But the key is to be smart and to think about who is really likely to want your product – and sometimes, surprising things can help you here.

For example, if you are selling a weights bench, then you might choose to show it to bodybuilders who are homeowners (Behaviors > Residential profiles). Why? Because they’re much more likely to have the space to keep something so big, versus someone who is renting a small apartment!

Using The Facebook Audience Builder 

Note that there are a couple of subtleties to be aware of when using this section. When you list the things you are looking for in your users, note that these things are not necessary requirements. If you put everything into the top box, then your ads will show to people who tick all those boxes.

But if you click ‘Filter’ and ‘Narrow’ just below, then you get two more boxes. One says ‘and MUST ALSO match at least ONE of the following’. This is how you would make sure that your audience were bodybuilding homeowners for example, rather than bodybuilders and homeowners!

Likewise, you can use the filter section to exclude people from your ads. This is the section that says ‘EXCLUDE people who match at least ONE of the following’.

So this way, you could exclude women for instance, in order to target your product only at men. If you have product that is very budget minded, then you could look at ‘Behaviors > Buyer profiles > High spenders’ and use this to exclude people who like their premium products!

Using all these tricks, you can get inside the head of your buyer and then make sure that they specifically see your ad.

Facebook Local Awareness

Just to keep you on your toes, you don’t actually set the location of your adverts in the same place. Instead, you’re going to go through the ‘Local Awareness’ section. First, create an ad campaign as you normally would but then look for the option in the left hand menu that is called ‘Local Awareness’. Click this and you’ll be shown a map and a search bar. You can now search for your local area using the town, city, state or ZIP code. You’ll then be given the option to choose a radius.

If you’re a furniture shop and you do home deliveries, then you might be happy to have a very large radius. If you’re a hair dresser on the other hand, then your radius will likely be much smaller, seeing as most people aren’t willing to travel much outside their local area to get a haircut!

The narrower your field, the fewer wasted clicks you’re going to get.

You can then scroll further to set the other filters as you normally would… it’s that simple! Note that just because you deliver internationally, that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t want to choose your local area too. This way, you can try and corner the market in your hometown before expanding – it’s a good strategy  to get a foothold in the market when you’re starting out with perhaps a smaller budget.

Note too that when you create your Facebook Page, you’ll have the option to choose a coverage area. Make sure this is inkeeping with the area that your business serves and the ad campaigns you go on to create!


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