Using Custom Facebook Tabs to Build Your Facebook For Business

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Why Use Facebook Tabs On Your Facebook For Business Page?


Facebook for business has a fantastic feature you should definitely be using to market your business. It is called the “Custom Tab.” Log into your Facebook account. You will see default tabs labeled “About” and “Likes,” and others as well. People like clicking on things online. If they want to learn about your business, they click your About tab. The modern-day web surfer understands these are clickable buttons that allow them to do many different things.

With custom tabs, you create the content or experience that your audience gets when it clicks on these tabs. You can create multiple tabs, and use them to do just about anything. Do you want to build your list? A custom tab is perfect for that. When do you like to send people to your website? The custom tab as got you covered. No matter what you want your audience to do or how you want them to behave, you can create a custom tab to get the response or behavior you are looking for

Facebook for business is a hugely powerful tool. Using our steps below can help you grow your page to a good following.

Don’t Worry If You Are Not Tech Savvy


Over the years Facebook for business has, for whatever reason, made creating a custom tab more difficult. This means if you are not comfortable with certain terms and procedures, you may have a tough time creating a tab. If this is the case, head over to Fiverr or People Per Hour. These and other freelance sites are loaded with talented web designers and programmers that can handle the job for you for around $20.

Creating the Content for Your Custom Tab

Whether you handle the job yourself or outsource it, you are going to need to develop the content which displays when someone clicks your tab. The way the process works is, you have to create content on a website, page or blog that is outside of Facebook.

One of the reasons why custom tabs are so good for building email lists is that you can create an e-book or video course that people would pay for, and then give away through your tab. This guarantees that people will definitely consider trading their email address for your high-value information product.

To be clear, when someone clicks your custom tab, they do not leave Facebook. Facebook simply displays your web page on Facebook when your tab is clicked. This is good because engagement and interaction are much higher for an FB surfer if they don’t feel like they have been “tricked” into leaving Facebook.

Data Specifics


To make sure your page’s content displays perfectly on Facebook, there are some things you should know. Some websites allow you to set your page width at a percentage. If this is the case, set your web page at 100%. If you set the width of your web page by pixels, choose 810 pixels Any images, videos or infographics you have on this page should be at less than 810 pixels. This will make the widest custom tab possible. If you want a smaller tab, choose 520 pixels.

You should also remove any border or padding that runs around the sides or the tops and bottoms of your content. This optimizes the room available within the tab. Since you can make multiple tabs, you can accomplish several business goals. Just remember that too many tabs could lead to indecision, and no action taken at all.


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