Why Your Facebook Marketing Efforts Have Not Paid Off

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Why your Facebook marketing efforts have not paid off

Your actions are to be commended. Pat yourself on the back. You have been trying very hard to reap the rewards of the world’s largest social media site, but so far, the results have been sketchy at best. You just aren’t seeing the return on investment you had hoped for. Does that mean you should forget Facebook and try some other marketing approach?

Abandoning social media is probably not a good idea, and besides, you would be missing out on reaching the nearly 2 billion people that actively use Facebook each and every month. The following are some common reasons why Facebook marketers fail when promoting their businesses on Mr. Zuckerberg’s

Not Posting Regularly


Quality counts online, much more than quantity. Facebook constantly talks about improving the user experience. This means that if you are simply posting content to your personal or business page with the idea that you want to consistently be seen, this could be one of the reasons you haven’t had the success you are looking for. Some of the biggest and most successful Facebook marketers only update their page with new content 3 or 5 or 10 times a week.

They have learned that they are wasting their time if they are frequently on Facebook. What they have also discovered is that posting on a regular schedule improves engagement. Your audience begins to understand when you are going to be online. Make sure that the next content you add to Facebook, no matter what type of content type it is, you are sharing valuable information that is of high quality.

Trying to Sell Too Often


If someone walks into a brick-and-mortar store, they can fully expect that someone may try to sell them something. That is why they are there. However, when people jump on Facebook, they are at their offices, homes or out and about enjoying free time. They are on Facebook to socialize, like every other social media website. If you are selling too often, trying to get people to sign up to your email list, making offers to purchase products and services, you will not be well received on the world’s largest social network.

Not Using Enough Videos and Images

Less than 1% of all content on Facebook is video. Once you know that, you may believe that you should follow everyone else’s example, and stick to text- based content and images. The opposite is actually the case. As a marketer, it is often smart to do what no one else is doing. The ability of video to connect with your audience is not in question. Most people prefer consuming online content through video rather than any other media type.

The fact that very few people are posting videos on Facebook is the very reason you should be! You will immediately leapfrog your competition when you give your audience what it wants – videos. Keep your videos short and sweet, offer a lot of information and value, and use images as well. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and pictures have been proven to drive engagement better than text. You should also get to know the new Facebook Live real-time video streaming feature that continues to grow in popularity month after month.


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