Image and Video Tips and Tricks for Instagram Ads

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Image Tips for Instagram Ads

Being a part of the business world, you need to have effective and flexible advertising techniques.

Whether you are a neophyte or a seasoned entrepreneur, you have to be equipped with efficient strategies to market your products and services.

Social media like Instagram is one of the most perfect marketing solutions ever. Remember, using the best images is highly imperative.

Below are some salient tips that will help you decide on the amazing images for your Instagram ads.

Do not compromise quality

Advertising your business’ services on Instagram can lead to success. Nevertheless, make sure that you use excellent, quality images at all times to impress and entice your target audience.

When you do not know how to integrate quality photography in your advertisement, there are reliable service providers that you can call on.

Thus, use spectacular images to leverage the social networking site to your advantage.

Use powerful images to convey the message of your ad

Aside from quality, you should employ powerful photographs in order to express your message. Since many people do not have enough time to read texts, powerful images could be a huge help.

Once you are able to do that, you will never have a hard time increasing website traffic. You can give a comfortable experience to your future clients, as well.

Include your desired customers

Images offer a number of benefits. One of those is they can be used to effectively show your target audience.

When your preferred clients are millennials, you have to be careful when making your choice.

Never use a photograph with middle‐aged individuals as your goal. You have to be specific in your picture, so that your clients will never be confused.

Provide ads that convey strong emotions

As a business owner, you have to provide Instagram ads that are compelling, not only to people’s minds, but also to people’s hearts. As a result, you’ll quickly see many positive changes in your business.

You’ll also make them realize that you have services that can lead to a worthwhile investment. If you have been trying your best to create images without amazing outcomes, be patient and make plans.

Surely, all of your efforts and sacrifices will all become valued and effective.

Make your images SEO optimized

To do this, you have to think of famous search terms and hashtags. As a result, your Instagram ads will have better search engine results that will ensure website traffic and more potential customers.

Though you are not an expert, you can succeed as long as you are optimistic and steadfast.

As a business owner, you should grab the success that Instagram ads can give. Nonetheless, you have to employ quality images to make an impact on your target viewers.

They should also evoke emotions to persuade them accordingly. Even though it may be hard to create effective photographs, you can achieve them with time and patience.

Video Tips For Instagram Ads

In today’s digital generation, competition is getting tougher in the business world. With this, you must develop a well laid out plan of action to keep ahead of the competition.

The best way to support this is to engage in creating Instagram ads that can help grow your specific business.

A video is an essential ingredient to have successful Instagram ads. It plays a significant role in convincing potential customers to purchase your products or services.

On the other hand, even though Instagram ads only play for a few seconds, it can really catch the attention of people, especially if it is of very good quality.

It is important for you to bear in mind these helpful ideas on how to create an effective video for your Instagram ads.

Here are some of those helpful tips on how to make a catchy and professional Instagram ad video.

Choose the best aspect ratio (Spoiler‐It’s 1:1).

The rise of Instagram videos began way back in 2013. During those times, video clips were limited to 15 seconds in length and only displayed in 16:9 (1920×1080) or 1:1 (1080x 1080).

To make videos for your Instagram ads, you must make an effort to reach as much retail space as possible. In addition to this, if you want to attain a bigger and greater presence on the user’s mobile phone, you can make use of the 1:1 ratio.

It can crop parts from the edge of the frame, but the 1:1 ratio will play back bigger on mobile devices. This is a very helpful way for you to get the attention of the users that quickly scroll on their feed.

You must think through the crop when you choose clips

Since Instagram was designed for mobile phones, advertisers now have the chance to choose the part they are going to crop. Most advertisers choose to use footage shot on professional video cameras.

The good thing about that is the video that you will include in your Instagram ads can now look sharper and can be manipulated more easily during the editing process.

When you are making 1:1 ads, you must consider the details of the frame that you want to display. When you are using the 1920×1080 footage, you can crop the clip.

In addition to this, you must also make sure that the things you want to include in the video fit the frame of a 1080×1080 canvas. A great tip for making Instagram ads video is that you need to have sufficient room for the crop.

Use Big Readable Text

Think of your Instagram ad as a billboard. You can only get the attention of your potential customers if you include big, clear text on your Instagram ad.

With the above mentioned video tips, you can create a productive Instagram ad.


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