26 Fast List Building Techniques

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Building a list is important for every business. It is an inexpensive and authentic technique of building leads, delivering valuable content, and building trust and rapport with customers. The following are some list building techniques you can use to grow you list of subscribers as fast as possible. In practice, multiple techniques can be used at the same time since one alone cannot effectively achieve the intended goal.

Here are 100 FAST List Building techniques:

1.     Creating a Landing Page

A landing page refers to the web page that the visitor arrives at or “lands” on when they visit a website. It is a standalone web page that is distinct from the main website. The land page should have no global navigation to tie it to the primary website so that it can limit the options available to visitors. The main purpose is to guide the visitors to the intended conversion goal.

2.     Changing the Call to Action Button

Many people use common words such as “submit” or “sign up” as a call to action for people to submit their email address. However, these words and phrases are too common and have become outdated. It is important to create a call-to-action that is specific, enticing, and fun.

As an example, Xo Sarah has a call to action in which she asks a question: Want to learn the top 10 tools I use to run my blog + biz every day? Inside the signup box, there is a phrase written “Hell yes- send me the list!” At least the call to action is enticing and fun. It encourages many users to share their email address for mailing purposes.

3.     Using Multiple Opt-Ins

Most sites have only one opt-ins on the sidebar or at the footer. A site that attracts more subscribers should have 5 or more opt-ins to create opportunities for users to join the mailing list. The opt-ins should be located to the footer, headers, sidebar, under each blog post, and ScrollBox because no one will seek the email list.

4.     Speeding up your Website

A study conducted by Walmart concluded that when the loading jumps from 1 second to 4 seconds, the conversion rate will decline. However, for each 1 second improvement in load time, a site will always report a 2% increase in its conversion rate. As a result, a person seeking to build his list should first consider the speed of the website. The load time should be as short as possible to enable more subscribers provide their email addresses when prompted.

5.     Video Call-to-Action

The video CTA is an advanced tactic mostly used by people who rely on videos to market their businesses. The JLBmedia reported that approximately 78% of internet users watch video each week and 55% watch the video at least each day. Videos are widely consumed, and, therefore, it makes sense when videos are included as part of the website’s sales funnel.

Video CTA
6.     Target Your Audience with Facebook Ads

Marketing technology on the internet today makes it easier to drive high quality traffic into one’s website. Facebook has a feature known as “Facebook Custom Audiences” which marketers can use to target the same audience. For instance, if a marketer has an email list of 500 people, the list can be uploaded on Facebook so that Facebook automatically target people similar to the matches found on the network. In addition, one can target ads to consumers who have liked competitors and have demonstrated certain purchasing interests recently.

7.   Run a Challenge

Organizing a challenge is a powerful method of list building because of two main reasons. First, it has the potential of massively boosting your email list size when properly implemented. Second, it helps in creating a bond between you and your subscribers. Before running a challenge, one can survey the targeted audience to determine a major issue they face. The identified issue should be the basis for running the challenge. It should be a requirement for interested persons to join the email list before they can participate in the challenge.

8.   Host Giveaways

Giveaways are a fantastic strategy to engage consumers with one’s brand and build an email list. When implemented correctly, it is a good strategy in growing the list. Important components of any giveaway should include the following… First, it should have a compelling prize that the audience actually wants. Second, referred entrants should have access to bonus entries. Third, there should be guaranteed bonus incentives for all people who do not win anything. Despite being effective in growing a list, one should be aware that giveaways can pick up tons of non-relevant subscribers who do not have an interest in the product.

9.   Use of Social Media Platforms

People have access to a wide range of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat among others. Since billions of people use these platforms, presence in two or more platforms gives an opportunity for one to access highly engaged audience that can subscribe to their mailing lists.

Social Media List Building Techniques

10.     Using Cases Studies

Case studies aimed at building a list always make the customer the hero of a given a story. It involves featuring customers’ results and testimonies in a superb way that compels new visitors to sign up of the firm’s list. Through case studies, readers can relate the story of a customer to their own story. This type of case studies helps the business looks authoritative and credible, and, therefore, ability to attract more prospects.

11.   Invite Subscriptions through Instagram Posts

In practice, Instagram does not give much list building leverage. However, there are creative ways an individual can use to grow the mailing list through the Instagram platform. For example, one can add a link to a landing page in the Instagram bio. Next, you should feature images that promote the lead magnets to easy links for followers to locate since Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links in captions. And lastly, you can add links in your Instagram Stories (similar to Snapchat.)

12.   Collect Email Address on Snapchat

Snapchat is a good marketing tool for reaching younger demographics. It is important to post content on a regular basis if you’re using Snapchat as a primary platform. The stories should be interesting and a bit personal to encourage engagement from followers. One strategy is to include a link on your snaps that lead to a landing page that invites followers to sign up for a list.

List Building Techniques Snapchat

13.   Exploiting New Social Media Channels

The social media industry is changing rapidly. Today, the most important social media platforms among teenagers and young adults (aged from 12-24 years) include Instagram (32%), Twitter (24%), Facebook (14%), Snapchat (13%), and Tumblr (4%). Small businesses should survey new platforms with few competitors and many users to sell their products and services. Considering that these platforms support a wide range of activities, businesses can use them to grow their contact lists and generate new leads.

14.   Regular and Consistent Publishing

People seeking to grow their mailing list must learn how to publish regularly and consistently. Depending with the nature of publication, one can publish several items in any day. In some cases, publications are done on a daily or weekly basis. Regular and consistent publishing attracts more readers who are likely to subscribe to the content so that they can always receive newly published contents.

15.   Adding Social Proof

Social proof is anything showing that others are already using or doing something, and, therefore, that is the correct thing to do. Social proof can be anything including case studies, reviews, logos of known brands, or data/numbers showing current users. In practice, websites tend to have something such as “+10 million active subscribers” as a social proof showing that more than 10 million people follow the brand or use a certain product or service. Using social proof encourages customers to sign up to the mailing list and receive the incentive in return.

16.   Creating Multiple Email Subscriptions

Creating multiple email subscription types allows a marketer to send more targeted content to specific segments of customers. In practice, the recipients are more likely to click through emails that are targeted at them. In such a case, they are more likely to subscribe to the emails and enable the business grow its list.

17.   Conducting a Quiz

Quizzes are popular on many online platforms. For example, you may have seen or taken a quiz such as “which celebrity is your look alike?” On social media, these quizzes are often shared by most people. As people continue sharing the quiz, chances are more and more are likely to visit the source of the quiz and sign up for more content.

List Building Techniques Quiz

18.   Using Content Upgrade

The content upgrade is a critical resource that is unique to blog posts. In this case, readers can access some type of content if they agree to share their email address with the blog site owner. Examples include an infographic, a case study, more tips on the blog topic, a toolkit, etc.

19.   Install WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are amazing and effective in attracting more email subscribers because they get people deeper into one’s content. For example, WWSGD (What Would Seth Godin Do) is a cool plugin that places a little dialogue box at the top of posts. It works by welcoming people based on cookies. For instance, the message that new and old users get from the plugin are completely different. A new user from Twitter might get a message such as “Hey there Facebook user! Kindly check out our articles on getting the most out of Facebook.” The plugin is attractive and appeals to new users to subscribe to the site.

20.   Creating An Email Course

An email course is a lead magnet used to deliver bite-sized tips regularly through email. Businesses or blogs can repurpose old content to create an email course that will attract more subscribers.

List Building Techniques Email

21.   Create an Email Field in the Checkout Process

For ecommerce stores, there is always an opportunity to ask customers to share their email addresses and other contacts when they are checking out of the store. Online customers are a highly engaged segment of the market, and, therefore, the need to solicit their email addresses. In practice, the majority of the online shoppers will willingly share their email addresses because they would like to know about new products, existing discounts, or any other thing related to purchases. It is important to integrate the cart with the email service provider to that the collection of the emails is automated.

22.   Offer Discounts or Freebies in Exchange for Email Addresses

The strategy is an ethical bribery that is highly effective. Offering of discounts, freebies, or coupon codes for the visitor’s email is an easy task. It works properly because many people would like to get something from the business. Once the customer has entered the email address, there should be an app that redirects them to a page with the coupon code to enable them enjoy the discount or collect their gift.

23.   Using the Incentive Link

The links in the menu bar are the most clicked links on any site. Some of the standards on different sites include homepage link, contact page, or start here page. Adding the incentive link is strategic and can help increase number of subscribers because it gives the readers something extra special. The text for the link should appeal to users to click through. An example of an incentive link would be Warren Buffets #1 stock pick” or “How to get your first 10,000 subscribers.” The link should be placed on the menu and then direct to a simple landing page where the user can download a free report after entering a valid name and email address.

24.   CTA Button on Facebook Business Page

Many Facebook pages are extremely underutilized towards attracting new subscribers. It is important to add a call-to-action button to the top of one’s Facebook Business Page. The CTA button should be linked to a landing page that would prompt the visitor to enter their name and email addresses before they can continue.

25.   Using Facebook Page to Promote Offers

It is possible to use the Facebook page to promote an offer that will require an email address submission from the visitors. Marketers should learn and practice promoting offers on their Facebook timeliness. Such promotions should have social sharing buttons linked to the right landing and thank-you pages. Given that Facebook has more than one billion subscribers, well- designed offers can result in viral increases in the number of subscribers.

26.   Target People in Different Segments

It is important to create multiple segments which allow visitors to access different pages. For example, one landing page should lead people to subscribe for update while another landing page should allow people to subscribe to specific rather than general updates. The strategy allows an individual to target offers so that he can go after selective sources of traffic.

List Building Techniques Target Audience


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